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Shrunken Heads "Tsantsa"

Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Dark Haired Warrior - Click to Enlarge Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Gray Haired - Chonta Arrow through Nose - Click to Enlarge

Dark Haired Warrior Shrunken Head*
(a defeated native warrior?)

Shrunken Head with Chonta Arrow through Nose*
(hair color varies from red to black)

Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Ancient Warrior Gray/White Haired - Click to Enlarge Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Dark Haired with Chonta Spines through Mouth - Click to Enlarge

Ancient Warrior Gray/White Haired Shrunken Head*
(old warrior falls victim)

Dark Haired Shrunken Head with Chonta Spines through Mouth*
(to keep him quiet)

Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Tribal Warfare - Click to Enlarge Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Traditional Style

Tribal Warfare Shrunken Head*
(prepare for battle!)

Traditional Style Shrunken Head*
(traditional jivaro style)

Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Replica - Click to Enlarge Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Dark Haired with Nose Bones - Click to Enlarge

"Replica" Shrunken Head*
Replica of an actual original tsantsa-beautifully beaded and feathered. Limited Supply

Dark Haired with Tribal Nose Bones Shrunken Head*
** bones are from seabirds indigenous to the Pacific coast of Ecuador

*** Limited Edition ***

Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Wooly Haired - Click to Enlarge

Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Spectacular - Click to Enlarge

Red Wooly Hair Shrunken Head with Chonta Spiked Mouth*
Crafted after an orignial tsantsa-spectacular.
(we received a few of these super cool heads in the last shipment)

** Spectacular Shrunken Head **
Exquisite beads and feathers, specialty charm. extra long soft wooly hair. THE BEST OF THE BEST!


Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) - Shrunken Head Incense Burner - Click to Enlarge

Museum Quality Shrunken Head Incense Burner*

I asked my artist to make something really unique and cool and WOW did he ever. This is a shrunken head incense burner. The smoke actually comes out of the head's nose as well as holes in the base! The head is museum quality with long dark hair and the base is a fine piece of art in its own right. Excellent quality light wood with embedded stones. Color and detailing varies from piece to piece, each one is a unique piece of art!



* You are not purchasing the exact shrunken head pictured, but one of the same style and quality.

Our most popular and exotic product is the "tsantsa" or human shrunken head, made in Ecuador by indigenous artisans, crafted from animal skin using traditional methods, and comparing in quality the original tsantsa shrunken heads of the Jivaro tribes.  We have access to the finest quality tsantsa shrunken heads available anywhere in the world.

Our tsantsa shrunken head pieces have even been purchased for display in museums, private collections, hollywood movies, television, and sideshows.

As you can see in the photos to the left, style, hair color and quality vary, and since each tsantsa shrunken head is an original handmade masterpiece, no two pieces are the same. 

Purchasing and wholesale information: available via e-mail:

Movie Prop Shrunken Heads
as seen in the movie
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Click to Enlarge: Captain Jack Sparrow in At World's End with shrunken head in costume.

Capt. Jack Sparrow Special* Jack Sparrow Special - Click to Enlarge

Jack Sparrow Special*
(replica of the shrunken head hanging from Capt. Jack's belt in Pirates of the Caribbean III)

Stock Shrunken Heads*
Disney purchased an assortment of shrunken heads from us to use in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie At World's End and for Captain Jack Sparrows's costume.

Has a looped cord to hang from your belt, just like the Captain himself!

Click to Enlarge: Blond/White Haired Shrunken Head Click to Enlarge: Dark Haired Shrunken Head Click to Enlarge: Red Haired Shrunken Head
$24.95 each

Select Hair Color:

Stock Heads Wholesale
not museum quality, but definitely creepy!

Shrunken Heads (Tsantsa) - Stock Wholesale Stock Shrunken Head Assortment*
buy them in bulk and save

The lot will be a random assortment of stock quality shrunken heads (blond, red, black, brown, and mixed)

5/$100, 10/$175, 20/$300**

Select Quantity:

** International orders email for shipping (we are NOT responsible for any customs fees for international shipping)

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