"Replica" Shrunken Head*

Replica of an actual original tsantsa-beautifully beaded and feathered. Limited Supply

This is the Replica Model crafted after an actual shrunken head.  Check out the attention to detail!  He has long black hair, indigenous features, no facial hair.  He is decorated with loads of beads and feather, attached to his lips  and hanging from braids above his ears.  The head was individually hand crafted from goat skin and hair, by a talented craftsman in Ecuador using methods comparable to original tsantsa (head shrinking).  The museum quality heads all have new and improved ears as the artist is always improving his craft.  The heads are about 5 inches high, not including the hair, strings, feathers etc.  They come with a jute hanger for display which can be easily removed, if yo prefer.  The real skin construction is very light, perfect for hanging!