** Spectacular Shrunken Head **

Exquisite beads and feathers, specialty charm. extra long soft wooly hair. THE BEST OF THE BEST!

This is the Spectacular Model, the best of the best.  Check out the attention to detail!  He has super long woolly hair, indigenous features, no facial hair.  The neck is specially finished and long beaded and feathered strings are attached to his lips.  Don't miss the pendent hanging from his mouth and the chonta peg in his nostrils.  The best of the best!  The head was hand made from alpaca hide and hair by a talented artisan in Ecuador using methods comparable to original tsantsa (head shrinking).  The head is is about 5 inches tall, not including the hair, strings etc.  He comes with a jute hanger for display which can be easily removed if you prefer.   The real skin construction is very light, perfect for hanging!